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Video Contest!

Black Flowers - Claire Lynch
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North By South

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Deadline: 1/6/17
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@clairelynchband with hashtag #blackflowers
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We’re so excited to announce the first video contest for Claire’s GRAMMY-nominated album, NORTH BY SOUTH, a collection of songs by Canadian songwriters (and one by Claire herself!) that has been charming listeners from Nashville to Nova Scotia.  The beautiful track “Black Flowers” by Lynn Miles has been embraced by fans and media alike and because of its powerful imagery, we decided to reach out to you to help us make a video! 





For your reference, we’ve provided a stream of the song and downloadable PDF of the lyrics courtesy of songwriter, Lynn Miles (above).  We’re especially interested in photos and images suggested by the lyrics of the song like coal mining towns, coal mines, widows, undertakers, flowers...  But don’t let that limit your imagination! If the song suggests something else to you, send it in!


Please submit your photos and videos by uploading them to YouTube and tweeting the link to @clairelynchband with the hashtag “#blackflowers”.  A tweet is not something that comes out of a cuckoo clock, as cuckoo as that might seem... but if you’re not into tweets, you can email your still photos or a link to your video submission to


Claire’s favorite photos and clips will be included into a completed video for the song and her top five favorites will each win a prize pack of a signed copy of NORTH BY SOUTH and a copy of her collection of holiday songs, HOLIDAY!

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