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Nov. 2020, Claire teams up with award-winning Blues/Gospel vocalist Lea Gilmore to perform a stunningly soul-filled duet of my revised and updated "America the Beautiful: 2020".

An entirely fan-sourced music video for the song "Black Flowers," a standout track on the GRAMMY-nominated album, NORTH BY SOUTH, from Claire Lynch.

Lauded songwriter/singer LYNN MILES has a good chat with CLAIRE LYNCH giving the back story to her own career and her stunning composition, "Black Flowers". 

Claire Lynch - Molly May


Peghead Nation presents Claire Lynch performing: "How Many Moons"


Claire Lynch Band 10/15/15: Great Day Sound Stage, KCWI-TV Des Moines IA


FreshGrass presents Claire Lynch performing: "Dear Sister"


Claire Lynch Band 'Holiday' Video


Claire Lynch Band- "Dear Sister"

New Civil War Song co-written with Louisa Branscomb.

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