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Claire's first GRAMMY-nominated album produced by Bil VornDick in 1995 has an an amazing lineup of players including David Grier, Alison Brown, the late Randy Howard, Jerry Douglas, Dave Pomeroy, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Adam Steffey, Kathy Chiavola, Kenny Malone, Glen Duncan, Rob Ickes, Ronny McCoury, Kenny Smith, Steven Sheehan, Thom Bresh and Mike Dowling. (Whew!) Many of these recordings have become "career songs" for Claire such as "Thibodaux", "Pee Wee and Fern" and "Second Wind".


  • 1. Second Wind 2. Life Without You 3. We Should Only Have Time for Love 4. Moonlighter 5. Children of Abraham 6. Pee Wee and Fern 7. Bring Back the Good Times 8. Thibodaux 9. My Heart is a Diamond 10. Alabama State of Mind 11. Further in the Hole
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