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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Love Light is the abundance of Lynch's own songs; for the first time, her name appears on a majority of the selections. These are songs of power and musical grace, fusing elements of bluegrass, country and folk into creations so true and right that they sound, even on first listen, like old favorites. 
Still, as central as Claire Lynch's songs and the Front Porch String Band are to Love Light, there's room for contributions from others. Lynch has an unerring eye for a great song...
     -excerpt from "Love Light" liner notes by Jon Weisberger


  • 1. I'm Movin'  2. I Don't Have to Dream  3. Love Light  4. Jealousy  5. Missionary Ridge  6. Blue Water Holler  7. Stranger Things Have Happened  8. Savannah  9. He Don't Like to Talk About It  10. Sweethearts Again  11. These Flowers  12. Keep My Love There (While I'm Gone)

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